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Gothic glamour

Party dressing, much like date-night dressing, can be a tricky affair. Despite acting nonchalant once you’ve arrived at the venue (oh this? I just threw it on), the reality is a very different story. You might already have a trusty party dress, but the possibility of appearing on Instagram in the same outfit twice is too risky. You could get creative and make a new outfit from your existing wardrobe, but too many combined elements gives the game away and says ‘I spent all day putting this together’. And so, we’re back to square one. The solution? One item that does all the hard work for you and will also attract countless compliments on the night. The placed sequins embroidered dress will make you glitter under the party lights, while the delicate point d’esprit fabric is sheer enough to show a little skin off. Pop your lipstick and phone into your trusty ‘Sin bag’ and you’ll be ready to dance long into the early hours, if only to keep this dreamy dress on for a little longer.

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