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Tangy Berry Tarts

are Redilicious

These tarts are perfect as a morning, afternoon or evening treat on any day.

Makes 6 x 5cm (2in) small round tarts

1 cup/155g cashew nuts

For the bases:
5–7 Medjool dates
½ cup/80g almonds
½ cup /60g walnuts
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
A pinch of sea salt

For the filling:
Zest and juice of two lemons
2 tablespoons maple syrup
½ teaspoon bourbon vanilla powder or vanilla extract
A couple of handfuls of your favorite fresh berries, to garnish

Either soak the cashew nuts overnight or boil in water for 15 minutes to soften. Rinse and drain. Line a 6-hole muffin tray or 6 separate molds with individual squares of cling film (plastic wrap).

De-stone the dates and place in your food processor with the nuts. Pulse so that everything starts to break up. Add the cinnamon and salt, pulsing until the mixture comes together and can be molded with your fingers.

Remove the mixture from the food processor and divide into 6 portions. Press these portions firmly into the lined molds and then work them up the side of the molds a little so that they form a little cup.

Wash and dry your food processor. Place the softened cashews, lemon juice and zest, maple syrup and vanilla in the food processor and blend until smooth.

Spoon the filling into the bases, using a rubber spatula to scrape off any extra mixture. Top with the berries, pressing them into the mixture a little so that they stay in place.

You can eat these immediately, but I prefer to pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours to set. Leave them in the freezer overnight if you wish, though they will then need a little thawing time so you don’t get brain freeze when you bite into them. If storing in the freezer for longer, remove from the molds and pop them into an airtight container once they are hard.

Vegan Goodness by Jessica Prescott (Hardie Grant, £15) Photography by Jessica Prescott