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Ballet Cool

This season, Rome’s National Academy of Dance takes centre stage as the backdrop of REDValentino’s Fall/Winter 2019-20 collection. Founded by Jia Ruskaja in 1940, the Academy has been ever since a landmark for the education and training of future dancers, choreographers and teachers.

It is no wonder then that 22 young students from the Academy itself have become the protagonists of the collection itself, conveying a sense of physical poetry and movement aesthetic to the collection, through their bold moves, poise and strong composure.

The students are photographed by Luca Campri as they dance or pose, at the peak of a session, right after or right before, alone or in groups. Clothes follow the body: lightness highlights the movements, whilst firmness contains the energy of the movement about to happen.

Once again, REDValentino presents us with contrasting ideas: from the lightness of tulle to the heaviness and sturdiness of overcoats; from minimal lines to maximalist prints; from toughness to grace. These contrasts are also shown through the styling, as lighter dresses in point d’esprit are worn underneath heavier coats and tops over sweaters. The colour palette follows dusty tones of nudes, greys, rusty reds.

Romanticism, once again, emerges as a point of view, not a dress code.

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