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REDValentino invites you to celebrate the 2021 edition of Chelsea in Bloom. This year’s fascinating theme is a rip-roaring and extraordinary voyage that breaks through exotic and unknown lands. A story of an intriguing new culture marked by a narrative based not only on imagination and marvels but also on metaphors, ancient myths and compelling symbols. With a cosmopolitan and open view to the world, REDValentino captured the spirit of adventure and fostered creativity by teaming up with three Hawaiian designers Kehaulani Nielson of Kahulaleʻa, Carrington Manaola Yap of MANAOLA Hawaii and Kini Zamora for a limited edition capsule collection dedicated to tradition and culture. As main source of inspiration, the designers declinated the myth of Pele, a creation Goddess of fire and volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands. Each one of them, depicted a specific part of the legend and crafted with their unique creativity a graphic design. An ancient chant recounts the extraordinary voyage of the Goddess who journeyed with her sister Hi’iaka on a canoe from the island of Tahiti to Hawaii. Her youngest sister Hi’iaka, a goddess of hula and healing in certain traditions, is believed to be the first person to have practiced the renowned Hawaiian dance. Kēhaulani Nielson of Kahulale’a chose the ‘Ōhi’a Lehua as floral graphic to be presented in a REDValentino silk caban with matching shorts and drawstring waistband. The graphic, Lehuaopuna, was inspired by the flower that was gathered, woven, and worn by the Goddess as she danced bedecked in lei (garlands) of Lehua by the sea in Puna on Hawaii Island. This selection is rooted in the designer’s family origins. It is here where the first Hula, Ke Ha’a Lā Puna, was danced by Hi’iaka for her sister Pele. Carrington Manaola Yap of MANAOLA Hawaii, declinated the art of ‘ohe kāpala in a REDValentino crepe de chine pleated dress. This unique art of bamboo stamping dates back to the early migration of Polynesian settlers in Hawaii. The designer’s wish was to use the pattern to wield the power of guidance and navigation through life’s greatest journeys. The hand-carved motif recounts prominent shark teeth. Pele’s brother who was a shark God, helped navigate her vaʻa (canoe) following the heat of underwater volcanic hot spots. The flowing repetitive lines represent the ominous movement of the shark, the ebb and flow of ocean currents, and the movements of volcanic magma as it mixes into the sea. The furling of the wave patterns as battling elements of lava and sea water. Kini Zamora’ s black and white Palapalai print, declinated in REDValentino jersey t-shirts and RED(V) tote and cross body bags took inspiration by Hawaiian Queen Kapi’olani’s coronation gown. Historically the plant carried a symbolic purpose in Pele and Hi‘iaka epic journey. It’s in their traveling that the power, protection, and magic of the beautiful fern was acknowledged. When the Goddess sent her sister to find her lover Lohiau, she called upon the goddess Pā‘ū o Palae who appeared with the most beautiful skirt of ferns and draped it over Hi‘iaka as aid to her journey. To Queen Kapi‘olani’s coronation gown, the legends of Gods are brought to life on earth and continue to be respected. REDValentino’s 2021 Chelsea in Bloom capsule collection is a dialogue made of common respect - a new language made of tradition based on appreciation and knowledge over a mesmerizing and intriguing new culture. An opportunity to give the right recognition and voice for a mutual beneficial exchange. For the occasion, the London’s flagship store, situated at 133, Sloane Street will transform into a dreamy scenery, created with a variety of unique Leucospermum catherinae, nutans, Metrosideros excelsa, kangaroo paw, fern, monstera deliciosa by floral designer Larry Walshe. Within the store, the new Fall/Winter 2021-22 Collection will be on display. Quintessentially romantic at heart, the collection embraces a versatile dimension, where a glamorous and frisky attitude meets a dynamic and bold spirit. A collection dedicated to an unconventional and eccentric woman. REDValentino for Chelsea in Bloom Sept. 20th – 25th 2021 //10.00 am – 7.00 pm 133 Sloane Street - London, SW1X 9AX

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