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Natural Beauty

Everyone has their own unique, natural beauty but not everyone has the confidence to show it off. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a collection that celebrates the world’s beautiful, natural diversity for everyone to enjoy. The Natural Beauty theme within this collection further explores this concept and provides the perfect tools for you to express yourself with.

The earthy tones of these pieces were inspired by flora and fauna from all corners of the globe. This is most visible in the intricate embroidery of savannah sunset embroidered dress, which features sequinned birds and trees on a delicate sage green point d’esprit base.

In contrast, the pared-back white looks from the collection celebrate natural beauty in a more subtle, unexpected way. The pure simplicity of pieces, such as the tubular wave embroidered dress and the ethno macramé shirt, allow the wearer to interpret the pieces in their own unique way. The classic white color is the perfect blank canvas for you to experiment with, while embracing your own natural beauty.

Other highlights include the tonal check printed dress and our painted monkeys pieces, which you’ll be able to find out more about later on. As always, the accessories play a huge part in this theme and no REDValentino look is complete without an eye-catching shoe and bag combo. Key styles include the threads ‘Rider’ bag and our sleek slides, which add a sophisticated sportiness to any look.

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