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The Instagram


CDR is taking over social media one illustration at a time

Christopher David Ryan – or CDR as he prefers to be known – is constantly drawing. Whether it's cartoon characters on the side of paper cups or sketching over an image sent to him by one of his legion of instagram followers (over 95K at last count), he is always creating something. After living in Brooklyn CDR moved to Portland, Maine, which he describes as "a very manageable city with a very mellow vibe. It's small but at the same time has a lot going on, there is excellent art, food, drink and interesting characters".

My Work

"I sit and doodle as much as I can, but my style has been influenced by every little thing my senses have come into contact with. Social media has allowed me new ways of sourcing images to work with and then to share them. I like that I can interact and engage with my audience. It's so much more inclusive than just a feed of my work. I see my feed as something similar to a daily comic in the newspaper... it's my personal commentary on whatever is on my mind."

My Inspiration

"I am inspired by so many things. My influences range from design and illustration of the 50s, 60s and 70s to beats, jazz, philosophy and meditation. Coffee and music are a big part of what I do, they are symbols for things that we feel and experience."

My Studio

"I use a brush marker and a couple of ink cartridges a week. I go through a lot of paper, I draw on whatever I can get my hands on. Other than that... I spend a lot of time on Photoshop and Illustrator. I like to work in solitude and not have too much clutter around, but I can work anywhere if I have to."