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Capturing Reality

At only 23 Bex Day has already got a strong sense of her photographic style. "I want to document something unseen or unnoticed. I like to show the beauty of someone that I think is being overlooked," she says. It is something that comes through in the rawness of her images, which are mostly shot on film. It's even more impressive considering she is self taught and only picked up a camera properly two years ago. "But I've always had an obsessive need to document life," she says.

My Work

"I shoot on film: it's demanding but inspiring because you really have to think about each image. I always try and follow my instincts with a picture. I only photograph people if I have a connection with them on a personal level. My work is quite natural and it's important that people feel comfortable."

My Inspiration

"There are lots of artists and photographers I admire, Philip Lorca-DiCorcia and Diane Arbus are just a couple. A lot comes from the world around me: the news; media; politics and meeting new people. I also like to paint, it allows me to think in a freer more abstract way than my photography which can be quite intense and planned."

My Studio

"I don't really have a studio, most days I work from home. If I'm doing a shoot then I'll be on location, often in some very strange places. I try to give myself a kind of routine – I'm always surrounded by my plants and I get up at 7am each day and try and do some exercise, either yoga or running."