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Elizabeth Fraser-Bell

on styling the campaign

Elizabeth Fraser-Bell is the Senior Fashion Editor at DAZED, and lent her unique styling prowess to the REDValentino Spring/Summer ’17 campaign. Here she discusses working exclusively with brand ambassador Birdy, and why fashion is about more than just clothes…

On the REDValentino styling process: ‘I worked with Birdy on a very personalized styling process. We went through the Spring/Summer ’17 collection together and explored which looks suited her character best. From there, I looked at which garments would complement Birdy’s outfit choices. For example, Birdy loved the khaki utility jacket, so in one frame I styled model Ina in the sunset crochet top for contrast.’

On making the REDValentino project personal: ‘For me, it’s the small details that make a fashion shoot interesting. Look closely at the REDValentino Spring/Summer ’17 campaign photographs and you’ll see that Birdy kept some of her personal jewelry on – it gave the styling a unique tilt. Over the years I’ve learnt that not everything in a campaign photograph needs to be perfect – it should be a representation of a story, a lifestyle and a moment in time.’

On why collaborations make the best photographs: ‘It’s very important to me to have an open dialogue with the photographer. The shooting process is all about a collaboration of ideas, not just a singular vision. The REDValentino Spring/Summer ’17 campaign shoot worked so well because Scott Trindle and I were very open about the creative process.’

On fashion being more than just clothes: ‘Fashion isn't just “fashion” for me, it incorporates every element of creativity, business and the arts. It’s fast-paced and forever expanding, so I never have time to get bored of anything. Take the REDValentino Spring/Summer ’17 campaign, for example. We shot in multiple locations with four models. The photographs capture this diverse spirit.’

See more of Elizabeth's work here, and follow her on Instagram here

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