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Nami Yoshida

on the make-up

in the campaign

Nami Yoshida studied make-up in Japan before moving to London to work on projects with DAZED, i-D and Vogue magazines. Here she discusses how she achieved the natural beauty in the REDValentino Spring/Summer ’17 campaign.

On preparing for the REDValentino campaign: ‘I do lots of research before working on a campaign shoot, like REDValentino’s Spring/Summer ’17 one. Reference points in the worlds of art, photography, travel and history are all fundamental to my work.’

On working with strong personalities: ‘People’s characters really inspire me. I like to take the personality of the model and exaggerate their nature through make-up. The REDValentino Spring/Summer ’17 campaign was inspiring because I had four women – singer Birdy and models Ina, Mia and Tandi – to create unique looks on.’

On creating the natural beauty for the REDValentino campaign: ‘REDValentino wanted the models to look natural and effortlessly beautiful. With this in mind, I decided to make glowing, healthy skin and bright eyes my core focus. I tailored each look by using mascara on select models and warm eye shadow on others.’

On her shoot day tricks: ‘The beauty look was intended to be subtle and gentle with a healthy blush. To avoid any harsh edges, I applied all the products with my fingers.’

On why REDValentino stands out: ‘Fashion is fast-paced, and forever changing, which keeps everything fresh and young. REDValentino celebrates this, but is also elegant.’

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