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Japan Week:

all eyes on


The name Toru Takizawa may not be instantly recognizable but if you're a fan of contemporary illustration, Sander Studio may well be. Based in Tokyo, Sander Studio is where Toru comes up with his playful drawings, including the Sander Cat, who pops up frequently on his Instagram feed. As an artist Toru describes himself as "a serious person with a sense of humor," and his illustrations bear that out. They're quirky line drawings with a real sense of play to them. His illustrations have been used on everything from books and magazines to interior design and educational films.

My Work

"I don't know if I've always been creative... maybe it's just that now there are more opportunities for me to show my work. My drawings start with a funny or interesting idea that I want to share and then I start thinking about how to create it. I love coming up with the ideas but it can be boring if I'm constantly having to draw the same kind of thing, I call it no-brainer work."

My Inspiration

"I find inspiration in every day life. Each morning I take my dog out for a walk and in the people, animals, nature and even the random things I see I find inspiration. There are many graphic designers and illustrators I admire too, Saul Steinberg, Raymond Savignac, Milton Glaser, Makoto Wada, and so many more!"

My Studio

"My workspace is in Tokyo and I love it. There is convenience and excitement that you only get in big cities. I would like a bigger space: my studio is small but it has a big desk with a computer, books, notes, things I'm working on. Bookshelves wrap around the desk and there is a nice view of the park. It's in my house, so it's pretty easy to get to!"