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The Make-Up


Shelley Blaze is a freelance make-up artist, and the beauty guru behind Red Valentino’s Spring/Summer 17 PreCollection campaign. To create the fresh, youthful look, she worked with a minimal skin base and applied balm on the cheekbones and over the eyelids. She kept the make-up low-key to let the beautiful Red Valentino clothes take the spotlight. You can see more of her work here and on her Instagram.

Describe what you do? I am a London-based make-up artist.

Where do your ideas come from? As a creative individual my eyes are always open. I get inspiration from many things: art, old movies and nature, especially during the autumnal period when the colors are so rich and vibrant. I particularly love finding ideas in everyday life, and watching how people apply make-up.

Who or what inspires you? My background stems from fine art. I have always loved painting from a very young age. I am inspired by colors, textures and brush strokes. I find inspiration from so many things and people. Living in London we are blessed with such diversity. You really can find inspiration in anything you look at. 

Can you describe your working process? This depends on the nature of the job. My client may have a specific idea of what they want to portray with the make-up. If I have complete creative control I like allowing my ideas to happen on set once I have seen the styling and how the model engages with her surroundings. It’s amazing when ideas happen fluidly and naturally rather than being pre-planned.

Is there a project you would love to do? I would love to create my own product line! It would be so much fun working in the laboratory mixing up products, colors and textures. It’s like making potions as a child!

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