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The Visual Artist

Stellan Runge is a Swedish cinematographer and photographer. He acted as director of production on the Spring/Summer 17 PreCollection campaign shoot, alongside fellow creatives Camilla Pole, Shelley Blaze and Yusuke Morioka. You can see more of his work here and on his Instagram.

Describe what you do? I am a cinematographer and photographer. Moving images, and the endless ability to create different forms of realities through the viewfinder is what I am drawn to.

Where do your ideas come from? I am a very curious person by nature, and I try to trust my intuition. When I start a project, I ask myself, what is the core of the scene about? Who is the subject and how do I portray them in a unique way? I try and always stay open to new ideas.

Can you describe your working process? As a cinematographer it´s a lot of pre-production. I have to make sure I have the right location, equipment and lights so that once I get to the location I can concentrate on filming.

Who or what inspires you? People, history, the vastness of our existence here - I could go on... I have a lot of people that I look up to and admire, but generally it’s originality and the unexplored that I love. I really believe in getting out of my comfort zone.

What was your favorite part about working on the Red Valentino Spring/Summer 17 PreCollection campaign? The energy on set at the Red Valentino is always brilliant, and I think that reflects in the campaign as a whole. The boldness of doing things differently and pushing boundaries is always exciting to be a part of.