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Discover what makes British Illustrator Zoe More O'Ferrall so popular...

What's impressive about Zoe More O'Ferrall’s illustrations – beyond the skill and beguiling playfulness with which they're drawn – is the sheer diversity of her work. A map of LA’s best juice bars for The Hollywood Reporter; food illustrations for The Guardian; a graffiti-covered piano customized for folk group Mumford and Sons… This young Londoner has quickly won global recognition, just a few years after completing her studies – at London’s University of the Arts and Central St Martins. As Zoe puts it, "a career that allows you to work for such an expansive range of clients, brands and industries means it's always new and exciting territory."

My Work

"Before I started working professionally as an illustrator I mostly looked to fashion photography for ideas. My teenage years were spent drawing from the never-ending pages of Vogue, so working for them has been a dream fulfilled. Naturally, my style has evolved over the years. My drawings are predominantly line based, playful and are often described as whimsical. I was once cautious (if not terrified) by using colour, but it's something I've come to embrace. Everything is hand-rendered – that has always appealed more to me than digital illustration. I’m hugely influenced by London as an entity, and I love wandering and walking, discovering the details big or small that inspire new ideas."

My Studio

"I work out of an airy, light studio overlooking Golborne Road Antiques market in Notting Hill, West London. It gives me the fine balance of working alone with almost no distractions while looking out onto the bustle and buzz – a pretty perfect working environment. I picked up my big tressle desk from one of the antique stalls outside. The wall above my desk seems an ever-evolving moodboard filled with my favorite images, anything from Gustav Klimt to a Steely Dan vinyl."

My Neighborhood

"Golborne Road has long been my favorite street in London. Lined either side with independent shops, businesses and cafes, it feels enormously creative and visually rich. I recently produced a mural for a friend’s shop, Phoenix on Golborne, where I had free rein to paint anything I wished. It was daunting at first to work away from the safe confines of pen and paper, but fast became one of my favorite projects. I picked out key elements of the neighbourhood including the imposing yet wonderful Trellik Tower that looms tall over Golborne Road."