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There are three main moments in a day. Same happens for mainly everything that surrounds us: the sun’s movement or one’s life. We all have a past, we live in a nowadays present, we strive for a positive future - we can’t of course see it but we hope it has got big plans for us. A day with Larissa Iapichino is a joyful portrait of three daily moments of our beyond-the-ordinary protagonist within her own city: exuberant Florence. The places she cherishes the most, a funny anecdote, a reason why, an unexpected truth. Why does she love this place, how does she feel…if life were a catwalk which looks would match with her favorite place. It’s a bright Florentine morning, sun’s beams deliver a dreamy atmosphere. Larissa lives her life at the fullest, opening to the environment that surrounds her. Natural and real, she walks her city in REDValentino Fall ’21 collection with her flawless, strong and feminine stance. She is the cool character with an earnest and unpredictable appeal. The viewer is smitten: her simplicity is yet her ultimate sophistication. There is no training field this time, nor her role as blooming and successful long jumper athlete. She is the force of nature that delivers a picture perfect and impeccably intimate narrative. A rediscovered self-awareness, depicted with striking hues, soft volumes, lilac satin-dresses, refined rose patterns, lightweight styles. ‘Once again I am very happy to be collaborating with REDValentino, a brand that I feel reflects my idea of fashion: effortlessly elegant with a counterbalanced touch of eccentricity and unexpected. Shooting in Florence was a dream coming true. It’s the city where I was born and raised, a museum en plein air that never stops to amaze me. I always love to visit my favourite places, they are great source of inspiration – I almost feel recharged by them: a combination of art, history, strengh and grace. REDValentino delivers a message of spontaneity and authenticity and I am totally motivated by this complex yet harmonious immediacy’ - Larissa Here and now with the REDValentino Fall ’21 Collection - while the camera captures her energetic and spontaneous soul. It’s her powerful and romantic presence for a street-ready gracefulness matching functional practicality and timeless beauty. REDValentino claims for authenticity and unconventionality and strives for spontaneity. If the future is uncertain and we can’t predict, one thing is sure: Larissa is ready for it…

Larissa Iapichino Born in 2002, her parents are long jumper Fiona May, twice world champion and twice silver medalist at Olympics, and Gianni Iapichino, ex record holder and Italian champion in pole vault and decathlon. Larissa’s talent has been crystal clear since the very beginning even though, only in 2015, while watching the Diamond League Montecarlo, she fell in love with the sport she still practises nowadays: long jump. At 16, during the Agropoli competition, she jumped 6,64m and became Italian record under 18 and U20. The final confirmation happened in Boras, Sweden, during the European Championship U20, when she won the Gold medal in long jump. Last year in 2020 she was awarded with the new Italian record U20 outdoor, jumping 6,80 m. She has been then appointed the “Revelation of the Year” during the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport Awards and U20 Female Athlete by FIDAL. The start of the 2021 season has been outstanding, setting the new U20 World Record Indoor with 6,91 m which is also the Italian Indoor Record at Senior level. She loves fashion, beauty, arts and photography. Nowadays she is attending her senior highschool year, and she is a great supporter of Fiorentina FC. She is represented by JUMP.

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