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REDValentino is pleased to present a new journey into the world of ‘Inspired by’, a realm dedicated to visionary characters that embrace and embody the brand’s values by taking center stage with a unique and tempered narrative. Gather all your speed, strength, agility and leap as far as possible: getting to know Larissa Iapichino. The REDValentino community will be hijacked into a story that starts with the unplanned. A sincere portrait of a never-a-dull-moment kind of life. The daily endeavor of a teenage student soon-to-be a Lawyer and the budding life of a professional long jump athlete. Two sides of one tale made of passion and gravity. It’s a beating documentary on striving for breaking boundaries, making new records and seeking to create a new trail. Larissa is the out-of-common protagonist who combines sports and her role in developing a blooming and successful career. She opens to the viewer with simplicity, driving attention on both her mundane and intimate life. Her powerful and romantic presence mingles with the surrounding reality: her house in Florence, her beloved and challenging training fields - her feelings while she is energetically flying in the air. “I am very happy to be collaborating with REDValentino, a unique and vibrant brand, with an elevated and authentic design, which I believe reflects my style. I really feel that my way of being romantic and at same time a little bit out of the ordinary in my sports and daily life is in line with the brand values. I am still a dreamy teenager with two souls: one as a professional athlete, a second as future student and doctor in Law willing to make things right, hence I can see REDValentino being my partner in delivering the message that dreams can come true with one’s own, original, feminine way” Larissa. REDValentino claims for authenticity and unconventionality and strives for spontaneity. Talent and uniqueness stirred with fierce attitude as a way to intend femininity. Inspired by REDValentino is dedicated to all those life challengers who make the difference and create new meanings and perspectives for free and independent souls.

LARISSA IAPICHINO Born in 2002, her parents are Gianni Iapichino, ex record holder and italian champion in pole vault plus decathlon and long jumper Fiona May, twice world champion and twice silver medalist at Olympics. Larissa’s talent has been crystal clear since the very beginning even though, only in 2015, while watching the Diamond League Montecarlo, she fell in love with the sport she still practises nowadays: long jump. At 16, during the Agropoli competition, she jumped 6,64m and became Italian record under 18 and U20. The final confirmation happened in Boras, Sweden, during the European Championship U20, when she won the Gold medal in long jump. In 2020 she was awarded with the new italian record U20, jumping 6,80 m, 5th performance worldwide in 2020 at senior level. The same year, during the Italian Gazzetta dello Sport Awards, she won the “Revelation of the Year” prize and she was appointed the U20 Female Athlete by FIDAL. She loves fashion, beauty, arts and photography. Nowadays she is attending her senior highschool year, and she is a great supporter of Fiorentina FC. She is represented by JUMP.

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